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17 November 2012

Model Karishma Kotak Back In BigBoss Again

Model Karishma Kotak is ready to face the Bigg Boss 6 challenge once again, just two weeks after she opted out of the show due to her father's deteriorating health. Her father is no more now, but she says wherever he is, he will be happy to see her back on the show.

Karishma Kotak
"When I first came to Bigg Boss, my dad wasn't well. It was a tough decision for me to leave him and come for the show, but he really egged me on. He said he would be happy to see me on TV everyday, so I went ahead. And now I am back for him," Karishma told IANS.
The model and TV presenter, who shifted base from London to Mumbai in 2005, says she has no regrets that she couldn't spend much time with her father in his last few days.

"I think I spent more time with him, taking care of him, more than anybody else did. And I did Bigg Boss for him, to make him happy, and to support him financially. So I have no regrets at all. Had I not taken the show, it would have been disrespectful to him," she added.
Karishma was a non-controversial contestant in the first half of her Bigg Boss 6 stint, and for her second inning in the house, she hopes it is the same.
"I have left my family for the show, so I do hope all contestants in the house are like family too," she said, adding that the show has been a good and learning experience.
"I have been able to learn a lot about myself, and understand myself very well psychologically. It is an interesting show, where you gradually start forgetting that there are cameras around you and then the good, bad, pretty, ugly, everything starts coming forward. It's a very growing up experience," said Karishma.
On the show, it was revealed that over five years earlier, Karishma was romantically involved with co-participant model Niketan Madhok. But she says viewers shouldn't expect any fresh development on that front.
"Niketan and I dated for a month and that happened some seven to eight years ago. I must have been 21 or something. He's a nice guy, but that's just about it. There's nothing happening, no more masala here," she added.
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